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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What File Formats can I send to you?


You can send QuickTime files, WMV & AVI’s, WAV files & MP3's, all with or without time-code as above or even BWF’s (Broadcast Wave Files) with embedded time code. Basically, we can handle any format you have or convert to what we need. Some conversions just take a little longer and cost a little more but we’ll always give you a quote. The most important thing is the clarity of the audio track and a clearly reference name on the file plus a note the starting roll number and the names of the interviewee's. If in doubt send us an e-mail message listing what you have and what you you’d like us to do. The more information we have the better. Post directly via an FTP site, any digital audio files preferably MP3 files, WAV or AVI files with longitudinal time on one channel and audio on the other. Send digital audio files or video files without time code and we’ll add generated time-code or a continuous time reference from the beginning.


Q - What Media can I send to you?


You can send us any Video Cassette or DVD, CD or Audio Cassette. We accept any DVD’s or VCD’s with burnt in time-code (BITC) any VHS tapes (PAL or NTSC) with burnt in time-code (BITC, LTC) or even VITC!  Send audio cassettes with longitudinal time-code (LTC) on one channel and mixed audio on the other. It doesn’t matter which way around but if you have a choice put time-code on the left channel one. We can work with any video format including all Broadcast formats. We can even arrange to make copies for you to any format with Jam Sync time-code.


Q - Can I E-mail you my Audio files?


Digital audio files under 6MB could be emailed to us. These would include such file types as RM (RealMedia), WMA (Windows Media). Digital media files over this size should be sent via FTP (file transfer protocol).  These larger formats would include MP3,  WAV, and WRF (WebEx) and so on. Many of our customers are now utilizing YouSendIt.com for transmission of large digital files. It's pretty straight forward but call us if you are having a problem and we'll advise. If your media is on DVD or CD you'll first have to copy the file to your hard drive using Windows Media or use DVD Audio Ripping software and then FTP to us the resulting file. 


Q - What will you send back to me?


You’ll receive an email of the transcription, in your choice of word processing software.  Normally DOC “Word” if you don’t have a preference. The time or timecode reference will be in the margin for reference.  You can then import text directly into your script or search for a key words. If your email program does not allow you to open certain attachments, we can set you up with a password protected area on a server from which you can download your files.  Of course we can always post or courier a CD or USB stick to you.


Q - What should I consider when recording  with time-code?


Make sure the audio tracks are recorded at a reasonable level without distortion, about –3 db is fine. Set the time code recording level below this at around –8 db so that it doesn’t bleed through onto the mixed audio track and remember not to record with Dolby on. Our prefered file format is BWF WAV.


Q – How do I send files to you over the internet?


Once you have contacted us and booked your transcription into our schedule we will send you an e-mail message with the information needed to Upload your files to an FTP Server. If you want to use our server rather than "You Send It" http://www.yousendit.com/ or similar we'll provide a user name and password. You can then upload any number of large files including video QT, WMV, WAV, BWF, MP3 and so on. In fact any large file that can't be sent as an e-mail attachment.

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